After a long day of travel and meetings for work, I am relaxing on my deck for a few minutes before facing dinner preparations. I love my deck. It is peaceful, the nasturtiums are blooming, and it is shaded from the late afternoon sun. I find that I feel close to the Lord in this place; I hear His voice and tend to recharge quickly.

     However, as in keeping with the last few days, large Chinook helicopters from the nearby Firing Range have decided to use my personal space as their chosen fly-over zone. Chinook helicopters are the big girls of the helicopter world. These particular ones have a large boom extending out their front ends, so they appear more ‘masculine’ in design. Either way, male or female, they are large, loud and low.

     At first I thought there was an entire fleet of them bent on creating a whirlwind of air and sound. Perhaps they were planning on dropping a large contingent of paratroopers out their bellies to fight fires. Even better, given my affinity for guns, they could be preparing to play mock war-games out on the Wenas (the next little valley over the hill.) However, after watching them for awhile, I realized that it’s probably just a few Chinooks in training – flying over and over again with their pokey nose thing, preparing for real battles in foreign lands.

     But then, just maybe, they are attracted to my beautiful copper-penny roof, my nasturtiums and my beautiful self relaxing on my deck. They are certainly flying low enough to observe pretty much all of Selah’s business, including my own. As I type this paragraph, they are back again, this time flying directly over my house. It is ridiculous how low this Chinook is flying. It feels as if they are going to land on my roof. Interestingly enough, this particular Chinook just tipped to the right and so I waved at the guy hanging out the window. The helicopter immediately tipped back up again and flew over the hill.



     Must be the nasturtiums.


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